My son just participated in the summer launch program and loved the HepEd portion. He is a rising fifth-grader who has struggled in school but he was totally engaged in the program you provided. Do you work directly with families? Or will you have programs that we can purchase?

– Ms. Cohen



Hi, We’re Steve and Sheila Conner!

We based HEPH ED curriculums on internship and career development programs that we’ve run in our company for the last 25 years and the journey we’ve had with our son, Stone over the last 19 years. Like every other child, Stone arrived with no rule book or manual. One day we were in the hospital, and the next day we were at home with this wriggling little boy.

From the very beginning, we made a pact to listen and watch to understand where he wanted to go. Once it became apparent what he liked, we made sure to support his interests. Who knew that we would wind up going to Japan to study robots, Italy to check out Ferrari or China to see how computers were manufactured. Stone’s curiosity led us all over the world and countless places on the internet. As of this writing, Stone has started his own company and holds cool car meets here in Chicagoland and San Diego where he’s studying engineering. He found his path!

Outside of Stone and our internships, we have always helped learners grow in creative ways. We have written and produced for Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow. We have developed shows for Nickelodeon and even won a Parent’s Choice Award for our own educational puppet show called Avenue E!

Now we pour all of this experience into lessons for your students. We are happy to be here to help them find their path!

Steve & Sheila